Top Secret Recipe Season 1 Episode 7

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    This week Todd heads to Dallas to try and clone an American classic – Chili’s Baby Back Ribs. After he stops off at Chili’s headquarters to elicit some information, he sets out to replicate their famous entrée. In attempting to crack this recipe, however, Todd must get scientific with his microscope and resourceful with a hacksaw and a piece of his truck. After several failed attempts and a four alarm fire in his smoker, he begins to question whether or not the information he received at R&D was on the level, or purposely misleading. Luckily the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders lend their seasoned, BBQ taste buds to help Todd figure out what he’s missing from his recipe. In the end, Todd takes it to the next level and goes in disguise once again. Will he crack the code in time or be forced to sing the “Chili’s Baby Back Ribs” song at a busy lunch hour?

    Episode Title: Chili's

    Air Date: 2011-11-24