Top Secret Recipe Season 1 Episode 5

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    This week, Todd tries to clone one of America’s most unique, fun-to-eat desserts – Dippin’ Dots. He drives the mobile food lab to Paducah, Kentucky to begin his investigation at the Dippin’ Dots HQ. This recipe requires more than just cooking knowledge, however, as Todd has to get a lesson in sub-zero freezing and dangerous liquids to pull off the challenge. Just how do they make those perfectly round, delicious beads of ice cream? Todd takes a few wild guesses of his own during his investigation, but is forced to take a road trip to another city to find some answers. Along the way he meets some interesting locals that help him out of a bind, and finds himself going to extremes to procure a rare material. In the end, will he be able to fool some of Dippin’ Dots’ biggest fans?

    Episode Title: Dippin' Dots

    Air Date: 2011-11-10