Riot Police Season 1 Episode 1

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    A van of six riot police is sent to carry out an eviction in the center of Madrid. Normally two or three teams attend, but it is August, there are few troops and they must go alone. The eviction is difficult and hard, but just when they believe that everything is under control, the most violent and youngest of the six makes a bad decision that makes everything explode and a Senegalese immigrant falls from a height of two stories, dying within hours . The six policemen believe that they are innocent and that their bosses will support them, but on the other side of the city, an Internal Affairs team begins an investigation. Agent Laia Urquijo, the only woman on the team, senses that she is facing an important case and is going to leave her skin on it.

    Episode Title: Osorio

    Air Date: 2020-10-16