Corpse Princess Season 1 Episode 8

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    Minai defeats the Corpse, Mitsuyoshi, with some help. After killing him, Ouri has his cell phone taken away for “evidence” by Minai. After school, Minai and Ouri go buy a new one together. Later Minai’s contract priest is killed by a group of thugs making Minai a normal Corpse. She is hunted down by other shikabane hime, but escapes with Ouri’s help. He takes her to the bar where he works and says she will be safe there. There, she is told that if she makes a contract with Ouri she will be able to survive as a shikabane hime. She then kills herself (or is killed), saying that she is Shuuji Isaki’s shikabane hime.

    Episode Title: Serenity

    Air Date: 2008-11-20