Corpse Princess Season 1 Episode 10

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    Keisei learns that Minai is dead after being killed by an auditor, which is strange to him since Ouri was hiding her. He rushes out of the hospital to his superior, Bishop Gon to confront him. Afterward, Ouri is called out by Kasuka to look at a magazine featuring a cult with followers that regenerate after being burned alive. Under the belief that it is related to the Shikabane, Ouri visits this cult only to discover it to be a hoax instead. Upon Ouri’s departure, the cult leader is visited by Seven Corpses calling themselves Skikusei Hokuto. He is killed by Hokuto, the leader of the Shichisei Hokuto. The group is contacted by the Kougon traitor, Akasha to plot the elimination of the Kougon shikabane sect, Shouhouha. Meanwhile, Keisei tracks down the auditor to Ouri’s part time job. Forced to keep hidden, the auditors leave suddenly. Finally we see Makina’s visions of the Shichisei Hokuto, suggesting she was killed by them.

    Episode Title: Stars on the Ground

    Air Date: 2008-12-04